Name Art Gifts. Letter Art Alphabet Photos. Custom name signs. DIY personalized gift ideas. 

Name Art Gifts. Letter Art Alphabet Photos. Custom name signs. DIY personalized gift ideas. 

Letter Art Name Art - About us

If you were expecting a page that brags about how incredible our company is, we will get to that.  First, I want you to know how incredible our God is.   

An unexpected tragic event brought us to the place we are now. And oh my, is it ever a fantastic place to be.

After losing our first born son at birth, we turned to adoption. Nine months later we carried an empty car seat into our local hospital. To meet and bring home our adopted newborn son. Out of a tragedy, a miracle can occur.

Fast forward two years later, a biological sister to our son was born. Back to the hospital with an empty car seat and smiles from ear to ear.

Three months after our daughter came into our lives, we experienced another tragedy. Our son was diagnosed with a chronic illness that turned our world upside down.

Due to the constant care that he will need for the rest of his life, I had no choice but to quit my office manager position of 12 years to stay home with him.

I began to explore opportunities that would allow me to work and still care for our son. We purchased a photography studio and my husband built up a fantastic room inside where our boy could play and be close to me.

At this point, God began providing us incredible opportunities and talent with a camera lens. Soon our financial situation was allowing us to employ incredibly talented professionals and build an outstanding customer base . Our photography studio boomed and we began to specialize in product photography for magazines and catalogs.

We studied business ethics, graphic design, and marketing . Over 85,000 sales later, here we are. Supplying gift shops worldwide. Filling up mall kiosks across the country. All while sitting next to my son. All the glory to God.

And a huge thank you to EVERY single one of our customers.  Because of your business, we are able to provide for our beloved adopted children.